Workshops and Courses

The members of Mimulus Dance Company are not only dancers but experienced teachers as well. Capable of speaking Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish, they are specialized in giving courses and workshops on couple dances to beginners and children and also refresher modules to advanced students and professional dancers.

Besides workshops and courses on social dances and ballroom dances, others are offered by Mimulus: interface between contemporary dance and ballroom dance; portés and acrobatic steps; choreographic creation; dance history; just to mention some.

As a result of the wide researches carried out by the company´s director, Jomar Mesquita, three genres – Lindy Hop, Cuban Rueda de Casino and Bachata – were firstly introduced in Brazil.

Its particular skills and knowledge make it possible for Mimulus Dance Company to offer a wide range of courses and workshops and the possibility to cope with the specific demands of any interested private student, groups or institutions.

Many times, Mimulus Dance Company is also invited to promote integration and training activities among employees, lectures and special performances for big companies.

Jomar Mesquita was the director of a special course for professional dancers at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, USA, in 2011

Moreover, the Company was responsible for the workshops in the Place des Terreaux, as part of the Biennale de la Danse, Lyon, France, in 2002, 2006 and 2010. More than 600 students took part in each workshop.