Mimulus Dance Company (Mimulus Cia de Dança) is a strong force in the Brazilian dance scene. The company started dancing ballroom and social dances in 1992 and these social dances have been the basis for the company’s work.

However, the Company, moved by its natural restlessness, has gone beyond the formal limits of each style, bringing together contemporary techniques and adding theatrical elements. The result is an innovative new language in dance. The cabaret atmosphere has been intentionally left behind. To replace it, the Company has adopted a vibrant style, bearing the diversity of dance genres, the technique, the guts, and the energy of the dancers in its cast.

During its formation, Mimulus conducted research in different countries with an intense focus on social and ballroom dances. Today, relying on its accumulated experience, the Company presents its art in performance and by giving courses in Brazil and abroad. It has received numerous awards for its work.

The warm welcome manifested by audiences and the recognition found everywhere it has been performed serve as a glance at the excellence of the Company´s work.